How to Potty Train a Puppy with Pads

How to Potty Train a Puppy with Pads

While most dog owners’ train theirs outside, indoor potty training is a practical option for puppies especially those living in high rise buildings or cold climates. Puppy training pads or pee pads as they are otherwise known, are similar to the pads used by humans for incontinence. They are an effective method of making housebreaking much easier but ideally, they should be used as a temporary solution. The following steps will be instrumental on learning how to potty train your puppy with pads.

  1. Restrict the puppy’s access to your house

Keep your puppy with you in an easy to clean floor or in a free standing pen. When you notice that she looks as if she is about to relieve herself, say ‘potty’ or any other word of your choice and quickly take her to the pad. Give treats and praise when she successfully completes her business there. Do not allow her free access to the house because that will only result in making housetraining mistakes.

  1. Do not punish

If your puppy has an accident, just take her quickly to her pad without yelling or punishing her in any other way because all you will achieve with that is to teach her to pee or poop anywhere when you are not around and that is definitely not how to potty train your puppy with pads.

  1. Set up an alone room

When you are away and can’t supervise your puppy, leave her in the bathroom with pads covering the whole floor. Do this for two or three days then take away one pad and leave all the others. In another two days remove another pad. Do this until the room remains with one pad. The idea is to wean your puppy off each pad and stick to the one left. If she relieves herself outside of the remaining pad, put the rest back and start the process all over again.

  1. Feed your puppy on a schedule

If your puppy feeds twice a day, put her food bowl down in the morning for fifteen minutes and then take it away regardless of how little or how much she ate. This is one of the most effective ways on how to potty train your puppy with pads because she will learn to eat when her food is available and be less likely to have accidents during the day.

  1. Take your puppy to her pad regularly

Every two to three hours take her to her pad and wait for her to go and reward her generously when she does. Keep her on a leash to prevent her from wandering away. Just stand with her at her spot on a leash and ignore her until she goes. Give her approximately five minutes and then take her away from the spot.

Maintain this routine for about two weeks keeping in mind that practice makes perfect in how to potty train your puppy with pads. If your puppy is not having any more accidents, start giving her a little more freedom and rewarding successful potty trips. If she begins to soil again, start the process from the top.

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