For the Love of a Dog: Helpful Apps for Techy Pet Parents

For the Love of a Dog: Helpful Apps for Techy Pet Parents

If you’re a dog owner, we don’t have to tell you about the joys of being loved by a pooch. If you’re also on the techy side, you’ll want to know more about some amazing apps that help you manage walk times, pet grooming, obedience training and health care, as well.

No more lost doggies

Built for Android and iPhones, Tagg is a user-friendly GPS device that attaches to your pet’s collar. With this helpful pet app, you can track your pooch’s whereabouts and receive an instant message if he ever wanders beyond your predetermined boundaries. The app also measures movement to ensure your canine companion is getting enough healthful exercise, says Mashable. iCam is another remarkable app designed for pet owners. It allows you to take a peek at your pooch when you’re away from home. Install it at the kennel when you go on vacation, and you’ll always be able to make sure your furry friend is alright in your absence.

Health benefits for you, too

Did you know that people who walk pet dogs tend to be less stressed than people who live without a furry companion? It’s true. Dog walking provides a host of health benefits, including a more efficient circulatory system, says Psychology Today magazine. Folks who walk dogs regularly see more of the beautiful outdoors and make new friends at dog parks easily. Dog walkers also seem to have a better sense of well-being than people who live sedentary, pet-free lives.

Watching the weather

Few things are as frustrating as being caught in a sudden downpour when you’re taking your pet for their daily walk. Download and use Weather Live Free from the Google Play store, and you’ll always know what sort of weather to expect. Weather Live Free is one of the easiest to use climate forecast apps around, and you can get it for free at Google Play. Start using this weather app, and you may wonder how you ever scheduled dog walks without it.

Training your dog with tech

Your doggie doesn’t have to be a Purina eater to take advantage of Purina’s P5 app. With it, you can teach your pet basic obedience skills and a lot of fun tricks, too. You can use the Purina P5 app without an internet connection, making it especially handy on long walks when you’re out of range of a router. Prevent potential pooch problems with the Petoxins app from the ASPCA. Identify poisonous plants on your walk route and keep your dog healthier and happier.

Rover is a great app for people who need help finding a reliable dog walker or pet sitter. Chat with dog walkers in your neighborhood and make payment and scheduling arrangements, too. With Rover, you can locate in-home dog boarders and licensed kennel care facilities. If you are a pro dog walker yourself, use Rover to find clients according to breed or other search factors.

Tech-savvy pet owners who install handy apps find dog walking and pet care in the 21st century to be easier, quicker and much more organized.

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