Dog house for German shepherd

Dog house for German shepherd

A house is a place which should provide comfort, relaxation, privacy, and security. It does not work in the same way for humans only but for animals too. That’s why; you have to give extra attention when you purchase a dog house for your dog like a German shepherd. If you do not provide him a comfortable place to sleep rest and spend time with his toys, then he will become aggressive and not follow your commands.

As compared to other breeds of dogs, the German shepherd is different. It is a big breed dog which is sensitive toward the owner, loyal and can be work as your security guard in time of need. Then why not as an owner of the dog you spend some time to purchase the house for your dog instead of purchasing an unfit, cheap and uncomfortable house? Taking care of the things like space to sleep, play with toys and providing a place to relax is not the only thing which you have to consider. There are many other things like size, dog requirements and easy to clean which you must consider when purchasing a dog house for a German shepherd.

In this article, I will give you an idea, how to buy a perfect dog house for German shepherd and what are the important things which you must keep in your mind to come up with something extra ordinary for your dog. More information find on US Bones.

Measure your dog’s body:

The most important and first step is to measure your dog  

  • The house should be at least 20-30% higher than the height of the dog.
  • The length of the house should be also longer than dog’s full length.
  • The dog of the house should be at least 25% bigger than dog’s body.

Choose a place for dog’s house:

You have to take care of many things in this step. For example, you must keep in must that this place is easy to access by you and you should not get disturbed while you required your own privacy. Also, take about the weather. Usually, the dog houses are placed in the garden which is a good idea only if you know about the direction of the sun in summer and the snow in the winter. If possible, select a shaded place for the dog house to keep him comfortable in both seasons.

Choose a perfect material for the house:

Today, in the market, the Dog house for German shepherd is available in different materials including wood, steel, and aluminum. You have to purchase on which is safe for your dog and durable. The durability will allow you to use the same house for many years without worrying about the sun or snow effects.

  • If you are purchasing a wood house, make sure that it is free from all toxic paint.
  • Make sure that the dog house can resist different weather varieties like heat, cold and rain.
  • The house should be easy to clean and not much heavy in the weight.

Also consider other things like your budget, easy to move house, the playing area, comfortable surface and how you can accessorize the dog house etc.

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