Doesn’t Your Pet Deserve a Vacation Too?

Doesn’t Your Pet Deserve a Vacation Too?

Many families these days often take off on long trips or vacations while leaving their pet behind.  There is an unsettling trend now for people to leave the family dog or cat with a family friend or a paid “pet sitter” for the tenure of their time away from home.  While the family is off somewhere enjoying a well-earned trip away from home, and are seeing the sights, the family pet is left alone with strangers to await their return from Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom.  While you can bring home presents bought with a Groupon at the Disney Store, it is not the same as getting them when the pet is along on the trip.

While leaving family pets home when off on a vacation may be understandable, many observers find it something of an oxymoron to see a family vacation at places that cater to family-style entertainment yet leave their family pet behind.  Especially since such a vacation can be even more memorable if your children can share the enjoyment of sharing travel experiences with the family pet.  Your pet’s presence can make a family vacation even more memorable.  Imagine having your dog sleeping right outside your tent when you and the family are camping while on a trip to a national park like Yellowstone or the Great Smokey Mountains.  Think of how many activities your children will enjoy when the family dog is with them when they visit Disney World for their first time.  Or how much they will enjoy having their pet share their room at the family hotel suite while at the beach.

And many of the souvenirs your family can get at the Disney store can be used years later to remember such a vacation.  From key chains to food dishes to leashes and whistles there are items you can obtain using your Disney Store Groupon to buy things that your family and your pet will always have as reminders of the trip you took together on that memorable vacation.   So think twice before deciding to leave your pet behind when you plan to go off on your next family vacation.  Instead, consider planning a vacation that your pet will enjoy as much as you and your family will, and take them all someplace to share together.

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