All you should know about Pet Trackers

All you should know about Pet Trackers

What is a Pet Tracker?A pet tracker is a device used to locate the location and activity of your pet so that you can be at peace. These devices use the latest Technology and are wireless as well. With the help of some trackers, you can talk back to your pet and instruct it. Pet trackers are a way to be connected to your pet always.

Why does your pet friend need a tracker?

You can’t be with your pet always. But you want your pet friend to be safe always. The first reason to opt for a tracker is that it takes no time for your pet to be lost. If there is nobody around the pet to help it reach you, the tracker will help you to locate your pet. You would want it to be safe and return home without limiting its activity.

Apart from this, tracker is more like a fit bit for your pet. It also tracks your pet’s activity and gives you an idea of the activity that it has gone through.

With some latest technology you can even record the activities and places that your pet has been to. These types of facilities help you in problematic situations.

What types of pet trackers are available?

  1. GPS trackers: The real time GPS pet tracker can be monitored with your smart phone or tablet. It gives you information as to where exactly is your pet.
  2. Pod trackers: These are smallest, lightest and use the latest in technology. They can be attached to any collar of your pet and it helps you to monitor and record the activities of your pet through your smart phone or tablet.
  3. GPS in built collar belts are also available to monitor your pet. They use GPS, Bluetooth and activity trackers technology.
  4. LED collar belts with GPS technology are the most preferred ones to keep your pet safe when you are not around. The LED light of the collar helps vehicles to detect the pet in dark and avoid any accidents.
  5. An old way of radio tracking is also available for tracking your pet. These radio trackers have almost the distance range of up to 12 miles and are used for hunting dogs.
  6. Bluetooth trackers help to talk but within a range of few hundred feet.
  7. Wi-Fi trackers: They use wifi connections to identify the nearest hotspot and help you to track your pet. They have a longer battery life and are a faster way to track your pet.

How to choose a good tracker?

With so many options and types of trackers available in the market, you would want to choose only the best suitable tracker for your pet. SO the first point would be to choose a tracker as per your requirement. If it is just for indoors, any radio or non-GPS tracker or a Bluetooth tracker would do. But if you would be taking your pet outdoors frequently and where exactly you will be going will decide the type of tracker you need. The best outdoor tracker should have GPS, wifi enabled and water proof/resistant. It is best if it can be connected to your smart phone or tablet. Some trackers also can be accessed through their own app.

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