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Must-know tips for raising kittens

Getting a new pet is getting a new family member. It is a beautiful, exciting new life chapter for everybody. Even though it seems like a piece of cake for many, it’s not always the case. Some new pet-owners are worried about how they will manage to take care of the new pet. This is particularly important with small creatures like kittens – baby animals that are fragile and delicate. If you’re expecting new pets in your home, this guide is the right one for you. Continue reading and find out must-know tips for raising kittens safely and healthy, even though you don’t have a lot of experience with them before.

When is the best time to bring the kittens to their new home?

We understand if you and your family can’t wait to bring the new furry friend home. However, kittens need to spend some time with their mother before they find a new home.  This is important for two different reasons. Firstly, kittens build their immune system when their mother nurses them for a while. That’s why experts say they shouldn’t be separated for at least eight weeks. Furthermore, the other aspect is social – by staying together with their mother and other kittens for a while, they learn basic ‘rules’ of cat socialization and get ready for the world. That’s why you should wait a while before you take them away, and use that time to prepare for the new family member, talk to your kids and find all the necessary equipment.

The necessary space

As your kitten will arrive at the new home very young and probably cared for, it is necessary to provide them with a dedicated spot immediately. This should include a bed cozy enough for your kitten, where they can feel comfortable and, more importantly, safe. Also, it would be best if you kept the kitten in a limited space for a while.  If faced with the whole house right away, tiny kittens can feel scared and stressed. That’s why you should keep them in a safe spot with all the necessary things like their bed, water, and food, and let them explore the house step by step.

The first contact

If you want to raise a sociable and lovely kitten, it is essential to maintain contact whenever you can. Make sure your pet is used to people grooming, holding, and petting them. Contact is the best way to help your kitten feel better if they are afraid of the new environment. It provides the foundation for future contact with other people and animals and helps avoid aggression or any other unusual behavior.


When new pet-owners are raising kittens, their biggest concern is probably the nutrition of their pet. The diet of a cat changes over time, and certain age brings different needs and portions. The best way to find out what’s suitable for your kitten is to take it to the vet. They should recommend you food that has enough nutrients for your kitten to be active and healthy and that you can find in a local pet shop. The second important aspect is surely hydration. Your kitten needs to have a bowl of fresh water at its disposal at all times. 


When it comes to playtime, you can’t go wrong there – kittens love to play. However, when engaging in playtime with your kitten, it is best to provide them with some toys rather than play solely with your hands. This will help you avoid any scratches, as cats tend to play rough. They often bite or scratch during the play, so it’s best to keep it safe by giving them proper toys. It will make sure the playtime is a fun time, too, without any risks of anger or pain for both of you. And in case you will get more than one kitten, the situation is much easier then – they love playing by themselves.

Kids and Cats

If raising kittens also comes with raising kids in your home, you need to be extra aware of the situation. It’s not unusual for kids to ask for a new pet, but they should know that this lovely furball also comes with a set of various responsibilities. Kittens are a great source of love, fun, and affection for everybody in your family, but they also require specific duties. So, make sure your kids know about this side of raising kittens and be involved in that process as well. Here are some additional tips on having a kitten in the house with kids:

  • make the rules about playing, feeding, and other tasks crystal clear
  • assign duties to children who are old enough; however, make sure you clean the litter box, as it needs to be done thoroughly to avoid infections;
  • remind the kids that it is okay for kittens to feel scared during the first days in the new house. Hiding under the bed is normal, and they shouldn’t force them to play;
  • everybody should respect the cat’s boundaries – cats love to play and cuddle, but they also have limits. Crossing the line can result in scratches and bites, so it’s essential to be gentle with your pet.

Safety tips for raising kittens

Last but not least, pet-proofing your home is necessary for raising kittens safely, especially in the first couple of months. Make sure to tie any blind cords, cover electric cords, and keep items such as candles, essential oils, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies out of their reach. Furthermore, do some research on the plants you have in your house – some of them are poisonous and can put your pet at risk. And finally, if you’re living in an apartment on higher floors, protect your balcony by adding netting. It will prevent them from falling during play. All of these tips will ensure you can enjoy your time with the new kitten and raise a pet that you’ll love for a long time. We hope these must-know tips for raising kittens have been helpful to you. We are certain that if you dedicate some time and effort to your new pet, you will have a fantastic time with it. The most important thing is that it grows up to be healthy and happy. It will ensure you are happy with it as well.

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