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A Deep guide to Categories of veterinary x-ray equipment

Intrquip Instrumental Inc provides you with a variety of different veterinary x-ray equipment that can be used for diagnosis and many other purposes as well as in laboratories for research purposes.

We offer you to choose from different veterinary x-ray equipment according to your needs and budget. Animals need to be examined thoroughly as they can’t tell their physical issues and for this sake, high quality and functioning x-ray equipment are required. Following are the categories of veterinary x-ray equipment available:

Stationary X-ray Systems:

The stationary x-ray systems have two versions

  • Stationary Dr. Digital X-ray System

The stationary Dr. Digital X-ray system acquires ideal images and views for diagnostics purposes.

Specifications and Features:

  • It has a tabletop of 56*28 in dimensions.
  • 33in is the defined height of the table.
  • For high-quality analysis, the x-ray machine is equipped with a generator system of huge frequency.
  • To ease the movement of the subject the x-rays machine provides a tabletop that is a rotatable four-way.
  • It is fast at capturing ideal images at about three seconds. it is portable and can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • It provides a touch screen facility for fast navigation and easy to select a different option like size species and body part of the animal.
  • It provides you with cloud-based storage. technical support, as well as clinical support, is available 24/7.
  • X-rays images can be seen anywhere anytime using any WIFI.
  • The built-in urine trap makes the cleaning easy.
  • Stationary Dr. X-ray System: 

This is the best option that produces good quality images at a low x-ray dose.

Specifications and Features:

  • Its table has a height width and depth of 60 70 40 in.
  • Consist of the moveable tabletop to minimize subject disturbance when positioned.
  • To allow high-quality images x-ray machines used CSL direct deposition technology it offers convenience and durability.
  • Incorporates high voltage cables.
  • It is compatible with a variety of different software.
  • Mobile X-ray System:

There is a wireless version available for this veterinary x-ray machine

Specifications and Features:

  • The Wireless Portable X-ray System:
  • This x-ray system is the best option for a saddle horse trotter warhorse.
  • Specifications and Features:
  • It has 14 in of height 17 in of weight and the depth of 0.6 in.
  • The x-ray radiation equipment is small in size that makes it save a lot of space.
  • Capture and transfer images in about five seconds.
  • Availability of generators in a different configuration.
  • It is very user-friendly allows the user to easily handle and work.
  • Provide limitless cloud storage.
  • It is not much expensive when compared with the old one.
  • It offers a warranty of five years.
  • Veterinary Imaging Tables:

This table provides efficient options that secure the animal in doctor or examiner hands by less movement dependably high-quality x-ray images.

Specifications and Features:

  • The table will prove compatible with the CR file.
  • It provides the six-way positioning of x-ray tubes.
  • Patient movement is less that provides safety and security.
  • Its rails can be tied down for positioning.
  • It also provides apron along with a glove rack.
  • Battery-Powered Digital X-ray:

This system provides outstanding imaging system high-quality high accuracy long term stability.

Specification and Features:

  • This design is moveable for work in outdoor fields.
  • Easy to use by clinicians in changing parameters during the examination.
  • It is a standard veterinary x-rays instrument as it contains a mobile stand battery pack hand switch etc.
  • It has a solid body and long duration equipment.
  • Quick kilowatts rising that reduces unwanted doses and creates high-quality images.
  • Moveable X-ray Stand: 

This stand is designed to use with many units including ultra 12040 hf and ultra 9040 portable x-ray generators. This stand provides a safer use in the field.

Specification and Features:

  • It can be set as fast as required during fieldwork.
  • Its handlebars can rotate which adjusts x-ray units.
  • It has a wide range of x-rays beam positioning.

IntriQuip Instrumental Inc is a reliable company as they are single suppliers in the case of all veterinary x-ray equipment. for 25 years they provide the best tools to their customers for quality care. You can visit here for more: https://www.intriquip.com/store/browse/veterinary-x-ray-equipment

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