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Treatment of Dog Arthritis using CBD oil

Older dogs often suffer from arthritis. New research shows that CBD oil significantly improves symptom relief for this type of disease.


Osteoarthritis is also called “cartilage erosion” or arthritis. This disorder in the joints of the body that includes the loss of articular cartilage, the growth of bone bumps and an inflammatory effect. One in five dogs has some form of arthritis in their lifetime. Especially in the old age of it. Dogs with arthritis experience a lot of pain…

As well as behavioral changes such as reluctance to get up and walk, to limp. Like the difficulty to run and climb stairs. The main causes of arthritis in dogs are genetic and common in purebred dogs. Especially in some breeds such as the Labrador and the German shepherd.

The treatment of arthritis in dogs today relies mainly on no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics such as opthalgine or norepinephrine. However, the problem with taking this type of medicine is the damage to the kidneys and digestive system. Thus, it is necessary to find another treatment.


In a new study conducted by researchers at University in New York, a group of 22 dogs with osteoarthritis were treated with different doses of CBD oil. Some dogs received CBD at 2mg per kg. Others received 8 mg / kg and some received oil that did not contain any CBD at all. The latter served as a control group, with a placebo.

The pain levels and function of dogs have been evaluated by their owners and veterinarians. In addition, no one knew in which group the dog was. The study found a significant decrease in pain and a significant increase in activity level in dogs treated with CBD.

Previous studies have already shown that CBD has a medical potential to help and relieve dogs, for example in a previous research from the University of Colorado, which found a reduction of up to 89 in the number of seizure frequency in epileptic dogs.

Conclusion on CBD

CBD oil is a guarantee for the treatment of pain related to arthritis more information here .The way in which the specialists trust him in the influence on the telencephalon receptors and its resistant structure means that it could reduce irritations as well as pain.

Nevertheless, more research is needed before analysts can confidently say that CBD oil is an effective treatment for arthritis pain


According to Doctor, an excess of CBD oil can be administered to the animal; an overdose does not put one’s life in danger. However, it can cause side effects such as disorientation, hyperactivity, vomiting or excessive sedation. In this case, stop the treatment for 4 to 5 days, then resume with a lower dose and talk to the veterinarian if necessary.

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