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A Dog Lover’s Dream: Training Ideas to Remember

Let’s face it—we’ve all had puppy fever sometime in our life. Seeing adorably fluffy dogs is such a pleasant feeling, which can drive most to get a dog for their family. However, there’s more to dog care beyond feeding and bathing them.

Dogs should also be trained to behave and act well in certain situations. Training serves as a brain stimulator and physical outlet for indoor dogs. It’s best to start as early as possible, as younger dogs are more receptive to new information.

Consider enrolling your puppy in a dog training program around Orem to get started. However, you should also work on maintaining what they’ve learned. Take a look at what you should keep in mind to keep your dog well-trained.

Focus on Positive Reinforcement

Stick to positive reinforcement when training your dog. They are food-oriented animals, which makes it easier for them to associate a treat with a particular activity. Keep this in mind not only for training but also for encouraging good behavior.

Positive reinforcement is the fastest and most effective way of training your dog. Unlike other methods, it causes the least stress for your dog. It will make training more enjoyable for your dog and foster a good connection between the both of you.

Reward your dogs whenever they do a task successfully. Do it right after the activity so that they get the idea that they will be rewarded when they do that task. You should also vary the treats that you give them, as it has a higher chance of keeping their motivation high.

Discourage Instead of Punishing

Negative reinforcement methods are not useful for dog training. It can cause miscommunication with the behavior you are punishing, which can create associations that differ from what you expect.

It can also damage your dog psychologically. No matter the cause of the punishment, the only thing they will focus on is that you have harmed them. It will lead to behavioral problems in the future. They will become less likely to follow your commands and get more aggressive.

The best way to react to bad behavior or failed training is to learn from it and move on. This also lessens the risk of rewarding negative actions that you want to avoid. This will steer your dog’s focus towards doing activities that they know will elicit a positive reaction from you.

Keep It Short and Consistent

Do your training in multiple ten- to 15-minute intervals in a day. This is the longest amount of time you can keep your dog’s attention. Training in shorter times will reduce the chances of retaining learned tricks, while longer times will make a dog disinterested.

Avoid getting frustrated if they don’t get a certain trick right. It may be a sign to end the training session. If that’s the case, end it on a good note by making them do an easier trick and rewarding them afterward. It will make them more receptive to training sessions in the future.

Make sure that you use the same words when making them do the same trick. Use the least amount of syllables that you can. It will help them remember the trick better.

The key to proper dog training is patience and understanding. Work persistently in making them learn the trick, but know when to stop. This will help develop good behavior and discipline in your dog in the future.

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